VUDOO is the first APP that contains the three basic applications for online sales: Product Acquisition, Marketplace and Social Network Propagation, Order Management and Shipping. We analyze individually the operation of each individual application:


    Vudoo APP uses an advanced recognition system for speech, text and images. Developed with advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques, the application processes the image in search of information useful for its identification on the Internet. Texts, codes and forms are compared to the infinite archive of the network in search of products with similar characteristics. If the search is successful, Vudoo automatically generates the product data sheet by recovering the best possible photo, a title compatible with SEO indications and the best price found.

    In the event that the product does not have information useful for its retrieval on the Internet (e.g. handmade product), Vudoo processes the image and optimizes it to be compatible with the strict rules of the various Marketplace. Resize the photo, center it and remove the background by replacing it with a uniform white color. At this point you can enter your title and the price at which you want to sell the product.

    For customers who already have a product catalog, Vudoo will deal quickly and easily with importing all the products in its archive by optimizing photos and texts with the same algorithms described above.


    One of the most difficult things about an ecommerce project is to bring customers to your online store. Statistics say that the conversion rate, that is the relationship between visitors and sales, is on average one purchase per hundred visits. So in order to sell significantly, you need to intercept the largest number of customers interested in the products you offer (leads) and to do so you need large investments for long periods.

    Vudoo has solved this problem by reversing the basic concept: do not wait for customers to come to you but go where the customers are. Thanks to a sophisticated propagation system, Vudoo sends your products to a network of marketplaces and social networks selected for you so that after a few seconds there are millions of customers ready to buy your product.


    The most challenging part of an ecommerce project is managing everything that happens after the sale. Collection, billing, courier selection, shipping, customs, delivery, returns, customer management ... may seem simple for occasional orders but when you start selling seriously this could be the your Achilles heel.

    To avoid having to employ staff dedicated to these operations, Vudoo has managed to automate all these processes so that we can manage them for you. All you have to do is deliver the product to our courier who will pick it up, Vudoo will take care of the rest.

Selling with Vudoo pays off

In order to simplify as much as possible even the administrative part Vudoo will take charge, in exchange for a small commission on sales, to support all management costs such as the banking percentage on the collections, the monthly fees for the stores on the marketplaces (eg Amazon), the purchase of barcodes, the shipping costs and the expenses for the management of customer care.

Vudoo is offered in three versions depending on the type of business you own: Vudoo App, Vudoo Pro and Vudoo Business.